Licensing for Staff Members

If you are already registered for a „Free-Account“ using your business E-Mail adress please first delete it under the following link: or contact the user help desk.

Please check, whether you still need some of your chat history and save it and also make sure you have means to be re-invited into any current Teams and Spaces you are a member of, prior to deleting your account.

If your Free-Account is a moderator, make sure to transfer the role to someone else in the group before you delete your account.

If your password does not work immediately, give it a few minutes and try again, so the service in the background can refresh.

You can now log in under , to use Webex Meetings, Teaching and Events, or you can login under https://teams.webex.comto use Ad-Hoc video communication and (Team-)Chats

More information here.

If you wish to create a Team for your faculty or organisation group we will gladly help you. Send us a mail with what you need to the following address:

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